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Christopher Clowes

Christopher Clowes is a successful Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of The UK’s Only Risk Free Digital Marketing Agency HC Media Group.


After growing up in a disadvantaged background in Foster Care, surrounded by drugs and crime, and then finding himself homeless multiple times, Christopher, as a natural entrepreneur, decided to not let life defeat him and turned his attention to learning how to develop small ideas into successful businesses.


Fast forward to today, Christopher has run digital marketing campaigns with Blue Chips Brands such as Amazon, The FA, EE, Renault, Ford, Vodafone, Clarins, National Trust, Ordnance Survey, Ladbrokes, The Economist, Macmillan and Butlins as well as helping hundreds of SME’s sell over £50million worth of goods and services through their websites.


As well as specialising in writing digital marketing strategies, driving online leads and finding high quality clients, Christopher is also a renowned author. In his books, Christopher teaches valuable lessons in building successful businesses, learning the ins and outs of digital marketing, and in his book ‘The Money Tree’, reveals over 200 ways to both make AND save money.


Christopher, as an author and a Keynote Speaker, is now here, ready to share his experiences in life and in business with anyone looking to take their ideas to the next level.


Christopher wants to help other aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses or individuals who have an idea, build ‘something from nothing’ and show the world ‘How To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine.’

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  • Google Analytics Training - Learn How To Print Your Own Money
  • The Secret Behind Dominating Google
  • Double Your Income Working From Home
  • Digital Marketing For Beginners

Book A FREE Marketing Consultation Today and Dominate Your Industry  

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Cake - A Digital Marketing Guide  


Digital Marketing for Beginners     


Features and Benefits of Digital    


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How To Make A Sale (Kindle)        


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Public Speaking

Christopher Clowes is a seasoned Public Speaker / Keynote Speaker that is available to speak at your events coaching business owners how to grow their business through sales and marketing.  

Business Management

Having grown multiple businesses himself, Christopher Clowes is now available to help you grow yours. from day to day management or monthkly accountability sessions. He has the solution to help you achieve your business goals 

Sales Training

Ensure that your team is geared up, motivated and has the correct processes in place to be able to hit your KPI's 


Christopher has helped hundreds of companies sell more products and services, from blue chip to sole trader. Get his help today.  

Business Coaching

Having that person that holds you accountable has helped Christopher grow his brands and an incredible rate. He swears by having a business coach. Now, you can hire Christopher to show you how its done, be by your side and hold your hand at all the difficult times.  

Business Rescue

Is your business in trouble? and you need some help to find some cash? Sell more? get rid of some stock. 


Whatever it is, Christopher is here to help. He can get you the finance that you need to get through this difficult time.  

Marketing Training

Do you or your team need to upskill their marketing? Are you lacking that bit of shine? or pehaps do not have the technical knowledge to move to the next step. 


Whatever the situation. Christopher is here to help.  

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