5 Reasons why SEO is so important for your online success.

You might be wondering what is the point of SEO anyway? Why do you need it and why is it important for your business success? Your success depends on how many visitors to your site will turn into conversion.

With a well done SEO strategy you can make your site great for visitors; so that visitors will see you differently than other websites.

Good! You are planning your goals, but where to start first?! What is Google PageRank? What is Alexa Rank? How to boost up my site traffic?

These questions are answered by our 5 reasons why SEO is important for your online success.

SEO is one of the most important things you can do to help your website grow. If you want your site to be found in search engines, then SEO is something that you need to take seriously.

Here are five reasons why SEO is important for your online success:

1. SEO Drives Traffic – The main reason that people use SEO is to drive traffic to their websites. Once you have a high ranking in search engines, more people will visit your website and potentially buy something from you. The more visitors that come to your site, the more likely they are going to purchase something.

2. It Increases Brand Recognition – People are going to associate your brand with certain keywords if you rank well on those keywords in search engines.

For example, if someone searches for “best coffee shops in London” and one of those results has an image that looks like your logo or brand name, then they may assume that your business is one of the best coffee shops in London when in reality it might not even be close! This can lead to confusion among customers and hurt your reputation as a business owner (if this happens enough times).

3. It Helps You Rank Higher With Google – Google wants businesses who provide quality information about their products. SEO helps improve your business’s ranking in Google search results pages (SERPs). This is because Google uses page titles, descriptions, links to other sites, and many other factors when deciding which sites to display at the top of their SERPs.

4. SEO allows you to target specific keywords that best represent your business -

If you are just starting out, SEO will help you get more traffic and make more sales. You can focus on the keyword phrases that matter most to your business, such as "chocolate cake," "chocolate brownies," and "chocolate chip cookies."

SEO also helps with branding. If someone searches for a product or service like yours, they'll see that you offer it first when they search for it. This builds trust between the user and your brand. There are many different free keyword tools out there that can help identify strong, high quality, suitable keywords for you and help bring traffic to your site.

5. SEO gives you an advantage over competitors who don’t have their sites optimised for search engines - You can optimise the content on your website so that it's easily indexed by Google crawlers and retrieved by users who are searching for relevant information within their areas of interest or expertise—this makes it easier for them to find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently without having to scroll through dozens of irrelevant websites before finding what they want!

So overall, search engine optimisation is critical for your digital marketing strategy. It not only helps you to positively rank in search engines, but also gives you visibility on high-value, high-traffic keywords that you might be able to use with other forms of online marketing. This visibility translates into potential leads, customers and clients.

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