How to build your brand in 90 days

Upon establishing a business, individuals everywhere neglect to include a range of marketing aspects, vital to their success. As a celebrated business coach, author and digital marketer, I have devised an extensively detailed one day course that will guide and assist you in the development of a thriving brand, in just 90 days.

Digital Strategy

Despite its crucial significance in getting you to the endpoint achievement of your business goals, approximately 86% of SMEs do not have a digital strategy - ultimately meaning they are wasting both time and money. A digital strategy enables you to segment the steps necessary for the success of your business. This extensively detailed course will inform you of the three elements of a digital strategy; numbers, traffic and analytics. By using a strategy to promote Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action surrounding your business, you will sooner reach your desired degree of success.

Website Sales Machine

The secret to turning your website into a sales machine is mastering conversion rate optimisation. This is determined by the degree to which users trust your website, and how easy they find it to use. In this element of the course, you will be taught how to improve your website’s user journey and master techniques that will secure conversions - ultimately churning more of a profit.

SEO for Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation is among the most critical aspects of a running website; its efficiency can contribute considerably to your business conversion rate and success. In this segment of my course, you will be taught the basics of SEO, including algorithms and techniques to increase traffic, conversions and better the user experience.

Social Media Powerhouse

Social Media Platforms enable you to connect better with your target audience and customers. Social media utilisation allows you to establish a brand and market your products, ultimately driving website traffic and conversions. This course will detail all the ways you can build your Social Media presence, generate new leads, and deepen valuable relationships with your existing customers.

Google Analytics

This incredible tool dissects and details the data gathered from the traffic visiting your website. This knowledge enables you to adapt your strategies to better the success of your marketing efforts and that you have invested in. In this course, I will detail the significance of understanding where your traffic is coming from, user behaviour, online advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, conversion tracking, and customer reports.

Utilising the above aspects of digital marketing will enrich you with the necessary knowledge to build a brand in just 90 days. Details on joining my prestigious course are as follows:

Topic: How to Build Your Digital Brand in 90 Days

Date: 21/10/2021

Time: 9am - 4pm

Location: Zoom

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