How To Rank On Google with Christopher Clowes

In this article, I will be giving you an insight into how you can increase your Google Rankings. Now more than ever, it is crucial for all businesses, small and large, to get found online and ranking on google. I’m Christopher Clowes, a marketing expert and business professional and I want to educate you on how to get your website found on Google.

Top Tips for Getting Found On Google.

Invest in SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of your website for relevant searches across Search Engines online. This is a long term business solution if you’re looking to invest in the marketing of your business. You will find that over time, once the SEO is successfully implemented on your website, your business is going to appear when relevant searches for your services/products are made.

If your competitors are ranking above you on Google, this is a great opportunity to research and invest wisely into SEO to make sure you are ranking at the top of google and appearing in front of your target audience whilst they’re in the buying process.

Monitor Analytics: When working to grow your businesses online presence, a great way to monitor the growth and success of your marketing investment is to carefully analyse your analytics and data on a regular basis. It is important to read the data and use this to your very own advantage to allow your business to excel and grow. Google Analytics is a great analytical tool that pulls apart the traffic visiting your website. Here are the benefits of using Google Analytics to monitor the traffic visiting your website.

  • Understand user behaviour.

  • Custom reports and tracking.

  • Analyse conversion tracking.

  • Understand how to improve your online advertising.

  • Understand how to improve your SEO

  • Audience Breakdown, understand where your traffic is coming from.

Content is Key: When it comes to promoting your business online, it is crucial that the content you publish reflects well on your brand. Content isn’t just articles or blogs you promote online, it’s about the posts you publish across social media, on-page content that is published on your website, email marketing campaigns and so much more. Content creation is the ultimate inbound marketing service that provides value and education to your audience. As soon as you have gained the trust of any potential customer, you will find it much easier to convert this individual into a loyal customer.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate: In order to successfully reduce the bounce rate on your website, you need to focus on getting your website found online when relevant searches are made.

For example, if your business specialises in mortgage advice, you clearly need your website to rank on google with relevant searches associated with mortgage advice. It is no good you ranking your website for “savings and loan advice” when the services you offer do not reflect on the search made. Straight away the website visitor will notice your website doesn't specialise in what they’re looking for, so they will click off the website immediately.

This carefully highlights the importance of the successful implementation of SEO and why this is crucial for the growth of any business online. When optimising your website, it is crucial that content reflects accurately on the search which is made. Education is the best sales tool out there, this is the perfect opportunity for you to build a brand and customer base tailored to your business needs.

I hope this insight into how to rank on Google has inspired you and helped you understand how to get your brand found online and ranking in search engines. My upcoming webinar addresses how you can get your website ranking on Google. I will be giving you an insight into how to generate leads to your business through being found online when a relevant search is made. I will be hosting this session on 02/11/21 at 13:00pm. For more information, click the link here and get your FREE tickets to the webinar.

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