How to Build Your Brand Through Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing the utilization of online platforms, to connect to your customers/audience. Creating such a presence will build your brand, enable you to market products and drive website traffic; ultimately increasing conversions. By planning and posting engaging content to your Social Media profiles, you will encourage online and brand visibility.It is through interacting with your audience, running advertisements and analyzing your outcome, that you will be able to attract new leads.

The Benefits of Social Media

Increased organic visibility

When on social media, we see a range of businesses through the posts people we follow share and otherwise interact with; frequently, we might then look at the business and its post - this is organic visibility. Although likes, favourites, shares etc are not direct ranking components, Google has stated that there is significant correlation between social media popularity/activity and how high the account ranks in search engines.

Increase website traffic

Social Media enables a business to be seen by a diverse range of audiences; that otherwise they would not have been exposed to. Increased exposure to diverse audiences ultimately means there is massive potential for more traffic, and more conversions for your website.


Branding is one of the most valuable components of Social Media; as it showcases your unique identity. Having consistent branding across socials is something that is aesthetically pleasing to customers, as well as something that will increase credibility and be recognisable to customers, gaining their trust and confidence.


Having a substantial amount of likes, followers and comments encourages prospective new customers to trust you. Are you more likely to buy from a brand with 28 followers, no likes and no credible feedback, or, a brand with hundreds of thousands of likes and followers that trust the product and brand enough to purchase regularly?


Social Media accounts with an incredible following means they have world wide exposure; presenting an abundance of opportunities. Whether you’re the profile with a blue tick, or your followed back or your product is being displayed by those who do, you will increase significantly in credibility and ultimately your business network/partnership.

Fast/Easy Customer Communication

Social media enables businesses to respond quicker and easier to customers. Knowing this often encourages customers to invest more trust into a business, as they know that should anything go wrong, it will be resolved quickly.

The 5 Core Pillars of Social Media

In order to dominate the world of Social Media, you will need to understand the following core pillars -


Before posting on social media, it is vital that you have a strategy in place. To establish an effective strategy you need to ask yourself the following questions; What are your goals? What platforms are your audience using? What content will they enjoy?

Planning and Publishing:

Due to the number of users joining every day, businesses are increasingly concentrating their efforts on Social Media; a now key player in the world of advertising. Dominating social media platforms does not have to be complex, though you should be aware of the following aspects of planning and publishing content. You will need to: consider what customer types will be active on the platforms, analyze reach and engagement and construct posts carefully.

Listening and Engagement:

It is extremely important, particularly when establishing your social media, that you interact with followers in order to grow! Through consistent posting of engaging content, your following will increase - take note of which posts gain the most interaction and positive feedback in the comments.


For business pages, Analytics is the most important tool. Checking the performance of your page will show to you; any increase in post reach, your best performing post, profile visits, likes/comments/shares and new followers. Utilization of this knowledge will help you to improve your content strategy, to further grow your page!


Social adverts will spread brand awareness through maximising the number of users you reach and displaying to your target audience - this will ultimately lead to increased website traffic.

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What to expect in the upcoming webinar - Build Your Brand Through Social Media.

How to increase brand awareness and engagement

How to improve content creation

Understanding insights and analytics

Understanding your target audience and their demographics

Understanding paid advertising

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