Christopher Clowes Explains the Benefits of a Marketing Strategy

What is a Marketing Strategy?

Having a marketing strategy in place is the key to any business's success, this essential guide is your roadmap to business domination! The definition of a marketing strategy is as follows…

A Marketing Strategy is an overall game plan for a business, analysing prospective leads and how you can turn these into recurring customers. This document will highlight your business proposition, brand messaging, competitor analysis, business analysis and dives deep into perspective marketing tactics that will successfully enhance your business.

Now, more than ever, your business needs to be found online and ranking on search engines such as Google. Digital Marketing is made up of several components which will work to establish your business online, drive traffic to your website and get high quality leads to your business. Your digital marketing strategy will give you an in-depth, step by step process on how you’re going to not only achieve your goals but exceed them.

Did you know that 83% of businesses don't have a marketing strategy in place when they set up their business? This statistic shows that 83% of businesses do not have clear visions, goals or a plan to get them from where they are now to going above and beyond competitors. Your marketing strategy will give you direction, refine your goals and give you solutions to your problems.

The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Strategy

The benefits of a bespoke strategy are as follows…

  • Understand and identify your target audience.

  • Direction towards the growth of your business

  • Invest your money wisely, maximise results from the budget spent.

  • Establish a USP for your business, stand out in the industry you’re in.

The initial stages of a digital marketing strategy revolve around defining your vision and goals for the business. Listed below are ways a digital marketing strategy can benefit your business.

  • Establish your business online and build trust around your brand.

  • Drive high quality leads to your business, resulting in loyal customers.

  • Increase sales to your business

  • Define and reach your desired target audience

  • Competitor analysis, look at the marketing channels your competitors are investing in.

Once you have established the above, your digital marketing strategy is built around the bespoke answers which you give in order to make the document specific and measurable to your business. From here, thorough, in-depth, market research is conducted to begin to build your roadmap to ultimate business growth and success.

Define Your Marketing Techniques

Every business has a different marketing plan. Digital marketing stems from website design and branding, SEO & PPC to social media and lead generation marketing. Your bespoke plan is written around your ultimate goals and from here marketing tools and channels will be suggested for you to invest in.

If you want to target your customers on Facebook, Social Media Marketing is the solution you're looking for. If you want to improve your user experience on your website, have you thought about redesigning your site? Not only will this allow your products or services to be more clear but the new layout will encourage existing customers to return to your business.

These are just 2 examples of how digital marketing efforts can be identified and tailored to your business. There are countless routes to go down in digital marketing, and your strategy acts as your very own personal magnifying glass into the digital marketing world.

A marketing strategy acts as the foundation to your business, without having this plan in place you won't have clearly defined goals for your business. If you think of it in terms of building a house, once you lay the foundations, the rest of the house can be built and there is a clear structure to the building. Without foundations, everything collapses, nothing is in the right place and there is no structure to the house. Now if you think of this in terms of your business, you want a clear plan/roadmap and your bespoke digital marketing strategy can provide you with all relevant information needed for your business to succeed.

I’m Christopher Clowes, Award-Winning Business Owner of HC Media Group and Marketing Expert looking to help like-minded business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality through the successful implementation of digital marketing. Now you have had an insight into digital marketing strategies and how this can skyrocket your business. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, feel free to email and get in touch, I will be more than happy to help!

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