What is Google Display Advertising?

In an ever-changing digital landscape, finding the best marketing tools to promote your products and services is never easy. But when it comes to reaching out to a wider audience,

Google Display Advertising is an obvious choice.

Did you know the number of Google Search queries per second was about 40,000 in 2019? Google is the world’s most popular search engine. An astronomical number of people search on this platform daily. Display Advertising allows businesses to capitalise on this.

What is Google Display Advertising, and how does it work?

Google Display Advertising is an online advertising programme. It allows you to create online ads that target audiences who are interested in your products and services. These ads will pop up while people are browsing sites across the Google Display Network. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the basis of Google Ads. This means that you have to pay every time a visitor clicks your ad.

When you become a Google Ads user, you have to select keywords and key phrases you’d like to rank for in relevant Google searches. You have to bid on these keywords and key phrases according to how much you’re willing to spend every time one of your associated ads gets clicked.

Your Google ads will appear at the top of relevant searches in Google’s ad bank once they are life. Ads can also show up across the many other Google apps and features. It’s possible to expand their reach so that they appear when your target audience uses other popular Google services such as Gmail and YouTube.

5 Reasons To Consider Google Display Advertising

  • Get fast results: Using Google Display Ads is a fast way to get started with your marketing strategy. PPC options yield results instantly.

  • Build brand awareness: Display Ads is a reliable digital service that will allow your business website to get noticed online. Potential customers see your brand, your tagline, and your products and services.

  • Reach customers at the best time: Your ads are more likely to reach prospective customers when they are ready to make a purchase. Google Display Advertising will place your product in front of the right people at the right time. Access specific markets: As a business owner, have you thought about particular goals you’d like to achieve for your marketing campaign? How would you like to position your business in your particular industry?

  • Maybe you have an idea about the type of customer you’d like to attract. Maybe you want to thrive in a niche market. Google Ads enables you to target your advertising at whomever you want in just about any context you can imagine.

  • Easily keep track of your campaign: Google Display Advertising has user-friendly analytics features to check what’s working and what’s not. All you have to do is check out your statistics and with that information improve your marketing strategy.

In conclusion, Google Display Advertising is a great option for businesses looking to develop and reach out to larger audiences. Does it sound like a daunting task? Looking for guidance and more clarity on how to scale up your business with Google Display Advertising? Then, Christopher Clowes can assist you.

A successful Business Coach and Co-Founder of Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency HC Media Group, Christopher loves sharing valuable industry knowledge with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. He has contributed to the effective implementation of national and international campaigns over the years. Christopher can guide you to take advantage of Google Display Advertising and achieve your business goals. Should you wish to learn further, contact digital marketing expert Christopher Clowes for a free marketing consultation

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