What Is SEO? - Search Engine Optimisation For Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation is among one of the most important aspects of a website, therefore ultimately your business. Award-winning marketer Christoper Clowes has constructed a free course, in which you will learn the basics of SEO and search engine algorithms, and how to implement SEO techniques throughout your website to better the user experience, and increase both traffic and conversions. Tickets to this unmissable and informative webinar on Search Engine Optimisation SEO are available on the website, whilst the fundamentals of SEO for Beginners are as stated below:

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website, from major search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic, as opposed to direct traffic or paid traffic.

SEO ranking factors are considered important to businesses, as driving a high volume of quality traffic to a website/web page ultimately means the company will see an increase in both conversions and generated revenue.

Keyword research and on-page optimisation

On-page SEO optimisation is the process of undertaking specific measures which will directly improve a website's positioning in search engine rankings - the higher a page appears on the results page, the more likely a converting customer is to enter their website. The optimisation includes Keywords, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, Anchor texts and so on.

Keyword research tools enable businesses to identify the terms relevant to them that individuals are searching for - these are the words you will want your website to rank for. When conducting keyword research it is considerably important to implement the following:

Search Volume. This enables you to see how many, or how few, individuals are searching for your potential keyword. The objective is to find a word with a high search volume, as this will mean your website is exposed to a larger audience.

Competition. Whilst you want your keyword to have a high search volume, a keyword with the high competition may leave you with little chance to rank against your competitors. It is best to find a keyword that has high search volume, but low competition.

Relevance. Search Engines will scrutinize your website if they deem your chosen keywords are irrelevant to your business. It is best to choose a variety of keywords that best represent your business, that has a high search volume with low competition.

Internal linking and link building

Internal linking: This refers to any links from one page of a domain, which is linked to another page within the same domain - this helps to establish credibility across the website.

Link building: These are links from one website to another, and can act as ‘votes of confidence from the website with higher authority - this will ultimately improve the SEO ranking and authority of the receiving website.

Content creation

Content is a vital element of SEO - it is important to share your content to the most relevant social channel for your audience. Creating pieces of content that are informative, engaging, interactive and inspiring will encourage shares across social channels, to a wider audience. This will mean your content is seen by more individuals, therefore so is your business - the more individuals that see your product, the more likely you are to receive a conversion.

Content creation in the form of blogs for your website is a great way to improve SEO rankings, as you are able to fulfil many keywords with high search volumes and low competition.

Additionally, in this day and age, it is considered important to solicit your content to various social media channels in order to promote further company exposure.

An insight into the upcoming webinar: In my latest upcoming webinar for beginners, I will be talking you through the step by step process of how SEO works, and how its utilization can entirely transform your business. After building an award-winning marketing agency and working on multiple successful digital marketing campaigns over the past 20 years, I want to walk you down the path to success.

This course will detail the following:

  • The basics of a search engine

  • What is Technical SEO and How to implement this on your website?

  • What is Authority and how do you increase your website authority?

  • The importance of on-page content and how to write SEO optimised content for your website.

  • How to Conduct Keyword Research and why this is important to your SEO campaign.

  • How to target effectively and get in front of your desired target audience whilst they're in the buying process.

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Date: 22/07/21

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