Website Sales Machine: Podcast & Book Launch

Each month, Christopher dedicates time to enriching individuals with valuable industry knowledge that can propel them to unprecedented levels of success. Spanning an extensive range of topics, webinars such as ‘The 5 Day Google Challenge’ have been proven to forge individuals into pioneers of their industries.

In light of the success of the free training courses provided by Christopher Clowes and HC Media Group, Christopher has consolidated his knowledge to produce a newly published book and podcast series - to offer entrepreneurs everywhere the opportunity to revolutionise their business and turn their websites into sales machines.

The ‘Website Sales Machine’ Book

Detailed in this book is information on how to build your brand presence online and turn your website into a literal sales machine. Through utilising the teachings of Christopher Clowes, you will be able to revolutionise the functionality of your marketing and the online presence of your business - ultimately driving more traffic to your website, increasing conversions and generating more revenue.

Included in the chapters of the book are explanations of and the significance of marketing methods such as; Strategies, User Experience, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and more. Buy your copy here!

Christopher Clowes ‘Website Sales Machine’ Podcast

Newly released on Spotify is the 10 part Website Sales Machine Podcast series. Included in these episodes are an additional range of topics that will perfectly compliment the chapters of the book as you read them and progressively turn your website into a sales machine.

Each episode is approximately 10 minutes long; enabling the listener to process the information and best utilise their new knowledge. The new found and in depth understand of topics such as ‘What is Search Engine Optimisation?’, ‘How to use Lead Magnets’, ‘Understanding why someone buys’ and more enriches individuals with the necessary knowledge to revolutionise their strategies and run campaigns. Will you take the time to listen? Click here to tune into the podcast.

Christopher Clowes Free Marketing Training

A testament to his success as a Marketer in the past 20 years, Christopher founded HC Media Group - an award winning Digital Marketing Agency that helps a diverse range of clientele with their national and international campaigns. To enrich fellow business owners with the knowledge and means to transform their businesses, Christopher Clowes invites you to join one of the upcoming webinars.

An insight into the upcoming webinar:

‘The 5 Day Google Challenge’ is a monthly webinar series available to individuals everywhere, free of charge. Included in this series are an extensive range of topics and strategies that will oversee the transformation of your business and website into a sales machine.

Included in this webinar are the following topics and teachings:

  • How to maximise and analyse the traffic to your website.

  • Understanding your target audience and why they are crucial to your businesses success and domination.

  • How to reach the top of your industry, going above and beyond your competitors.

Details on the upcoming webinar are as follows...

Topic: The 5 Day Google Challenge

Date: 02/05/2022

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Zoom

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or marketing manager take this opportunity to purchase your FREE ticket here.

If you can’t make the webinar, you can claim a FREE 30 Minute Marketing Consultation with me, showing you how to invest wisely into the growth of your business. For further details feel free to get in touch via email at or call 020 7117 2899. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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