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Meet Christopher Clowes

Christopher Clowes is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, marketer and keynote speaker who has already spread his message all over the UK and Europe, teaching thousands of business owners and marketers, all there is to know about sales and marketing. His unique style of public engagement and traditional coaching mixed with theoretical processes and statistical data will enhance any business, whatever size it may be, from startup to blue-chip national brands. 


Christopher has years of experience in Public Speaking, teaching thousands of people across the nation about the ins and outs of Digital Marketing. If you want to know how to turn your website into a sales machine, Christopher will teach you everything there is to know. 


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What can Christopher Clowes
Teach You?

There are a large number of topics Christopher covers in his public speaking presentations, each session is aimed at the business owner, entrepreneur or marketing manager being able to leave with enough information to take their business to the next level. The sole aim of Christopher's presentations is to enhance all learners knowledge, allowing them to implement all of the information learnt towards the growth of each individual business.


The titles of Christopher's Presentations are as follows...


  • How to Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine 

  • SEO for Beginners 

  • Advanced SEO 

  • Digital Marketing For Beginners 

  • The Human Purchase Process 

  • How to Sell Online 

  • The Business Engine 

  • Proven E-Commerce Concepts for Social Media

  • The Marketers Mindset 

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Christopher Clowes

How to Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine 

Level - Beginners / Intermediate 

Length - 4/6 hours

This presentation shows exactly how to plan, execute and analyse a digital marketing campaign. From our experience, most small to medium-sized businesses do not in fact have their own marketing strategy, they try certain things, that they do not give enough time to allow it to work. From this, they then skip to the next with no real strategy behind it. 


This presentation is more like a workshop, we get the audience to think about their KPIs, what they want to achieve, and then build out a marketing strategy to hit those goals. A Digital Satnav. If you're looking for a professional individual to come to one of your events to teach your audience all about Digital Marketing, get in touch today. 

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Learn From The Best, Christopher Can Teach You Everything There Is To Know About SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners

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Level - Beginners / Intermediate 

Length - 4/6 hours

SEO is not hard for the beginner level. There are only 3 elements that you need to work on and most speakers/coaches either do not understand SEO well enough to explain it in simple terms or don't have the ability. 


Christopher Clowes is an expert in Search Engine Optimisation and has the skill of explaining it at such a beginners level, it helps hundreds of small to medium-sized websites grow organically and get a ton more traffic to their website. Christopher can appear at your latest event to teach your audience all there is to know about SEO, book in for an event today. 


Learn How To Dominate Google, Christopher Will Teach Your Everything There Is To Know

Advanced SEO

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Level - Advanced

Length - 3 hours

Moving on from SEO for Beginners, Search Engine Optimisation is one of the best ways to ensure that you are found when someone is searching for your product or service. 


Within this presentation, we look into 

  • High-level Rankings

  • High Authority Backlinks 

  • Robots TXT files 

  • Schema Markup (JSON) 

  • URL Structure 

  • International SEO URL Structure 

  • Internal Linking 

  • Tacking and Optimising 

  • Google Disavow


Award Winning Entrepreneur - Christopher Clowes Can Show You How To Succeed

The Human Buying Process

Level - Intermediate / Advanced
Length - 2/3 Hours

When we, as humans decide to purchase something, our brain does this in a certain way. It looks for certain traits and looks for certain warning signs to put itself off from purchasing, especially online. 


In this presentation, we delve into the human buying process. What makes people purchase online? 


Once we have figured out what the trigger points are, we can then manipulate the website and the marketing campaigns to match this human behaviour, and therefore increase online conversions whilst doing so.

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Learn All About The Business Engine with Award Winning Business Owner - Christopher Clowes

The Business Engine

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Level - Beginners 
Length - 2 Hours

Your business is just an engine, that is all it is. It is an engine to get you where you want to be in life. In the front, you add your fuel (marketing), in the middle, you have your business, at the back, you have the output, YOUR profit


By understanding the engine of a business, the parts that go into this well-oiled machine, and how to fuel it, you are able then to be able to create a higher output. Therefore, earning more money. 


Within this presentation, we show you exactly that. How to Fuel, What all the parts are, How to Optimise, and How to earn more money.


Learn All Things Marketers Mindset With Business Coach Christopher Clowes

The Marketers Mindset

Level - Beginners 
Length - 2 Hours

Your mindset and the way you feel in life comes out in your marketing. Your passion, your excitement and your drive for a certain product or service show when you are on social media, it shows in the level of investment that you have within your business, and therefore shows in your excellent results


On the flip side of this, if you have a negative mindset, again this will show in your bottom line. 


Within this presentation, we talk about this fact and how to optimise your brain to ensure that your mindset is on point, how to ensure that you are feeling fresh, active and how to make sure you are super productive.

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Let Christopher Clowes Show You How To Take Your Business To The Next Level 

Proven Ecommerce Concepts For Social Media

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Level - Intermediate/Advanced
Length - 2/3 Hours

There is a proven concept that works for eCommerce businesses online, especially on social media, and right now, you see more of them than anything else. The reason you are seeing more of them than anything else is that it works. It flows, it's easy to build and it is almost certain that you will get a Return of Investment from building this marketing process. 


It involves setting up a process that includes Paid Social, Trip Wires, CRM Optimisation, Retargeting and Upsells, which is all explained.