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Sales Training

Christopher Clowes is an excellent sales expert who can show you how to succeed and reach your sales targets.

Starting at the age of 15 being thrown right into the deep end, Christopher has had 21 years worth of experience to master and perfect his own processes. With experience in door to door sales, Telephone Sales, Face to face and Corporate sales, Christopher can give you his first-hand knowledge from all the experience he has had.   

This sales training will not only shift your lifestyle and help you gain confidence. But will transform your business helping you to generate more sales. If you find yourself putting off making sales and prioritising other parts of your work, having sales training will help to change your mentality and will grow your business.

Creating more sales = more customers and more business. Go above and beyond for your business, motivate your team around you and grow.

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What is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching is all about teaching you how to generate more leads and turn these into customers. If you are struggling to generate more clients and work for the business then perhaps talking to a professional will benefit you.


  • Training plan to follow and track progress.

  • Establishing what you know already and building upon this.

  • Guidance through the initial stages of your business and making your first sales.

  • A professional helping hand to keep you on track to success.

  • Training for your team to motivate and keep them on track to reaching targets.

  • Changing your mindset into a sales machine.

  • Teaching you how to overcome setbacks, picking yourself up, and carrying on.

  • Ongoing feedback and constructive criticism.


Christopher has 21 years worth of experience in sales and wants to teach you all there is to know about securing a sale.

How to Create a Sales Target

A sales target is the yearly goal which the business needs to meet and exceed to ensure profit is made. From here a monthly target will be estimated and divided between the sales team. This will give the team an incentive to keep going and meet the business targets. Your business coach will teach this to your team to ensure they understand what needs to be met to allow business success.

  • Establish a vision for the business and how you will achieve this.

  • Establish a goal for each individual on the sales team.

  • Meet and exceed all targets set.

  • Reignite your passion and improve your mindset.

  • Surround yourself with a motivated and driven team.


Your coach will provide you with essential information, tips, and tricks you will need to have a successful business.

Opportunities don't happen, you create them - Learn from an industry-leading expert

How Can Sales Training Help You

There is no better time than the present to drive your sales and grow your business, with the correct knowledge and experience you can skyrocket your business after your training sessions with Christopher Clowes. Within the training delivered by Christopher, you will learn all there is to know about sales and how to improve your business.


There are many things you will learn and take on board to ensure your business succeeds. Having grown his business from the ground up, Christopher has the roadmap to ultimate business success and wants to show you how to succeed. The sales training will include the following processes showing you how to dominate the industry...

  • Training programme to follow to track progress and meet goals.

  • Set your company a target that you must achieve to ensure the business makes a profit.

  • Build trust with your customers.

  • Produce high-quality services.

  • Time management and organisation.

What Christopher Clowes Can Teach You

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Christopher can show you how to succeed and reach your sales targets. Training will be delivered to a detailed standard to show you have to be the best in the business. Christopher will touch on the following topics.

  • How to write an Elevator Pitch

  • How to create a sales target.

  • How to write a telephone pitch.

  • How to adapt a sales mindset.

  • How to write a sales pitch.

How To Have A Sales Mindset

Your sales coach will train you on how to remain focused and motivated to achieve monthly targets. At times sales can be testing, challenging and seem impossible, this training will give you the right tools to keep on track to business success and domination.  


  • Adapting your habits and changing your lifestyle for the better.

  • Managing your time correctly.

  • Changing your mindset and opening you up to new business opportunities.

  • Set achievable goals to motivate you each day.

  • How to remain motivated through the hard times.


Aim high and be successful, make a name for your business and grow a great reputation.

Don’t limit your goals, achieve and exceed them!

Christopher Clowes is here to train you to be the best salesperson you can be, to help you and your company expand. You will learn how to establish your business, build your brand and your sales will come flooding in.

Effective sales training will have a strategy for you to follow, this will consist of tracking your daily goals and the changes you have taken on board and exercised through your work.